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How did you come up with the idea?

About 8 years Hagar Collars was named after our pet bird, Hagar. Hagar started plucking his neck, so we took him to our veterinarian, Dr. Charles Blonien (D.V.M) in Plano, Texas, to see if something could be done to stop this problem. Dr. Blonien placed the Victorian collar on Hagar's neck which lasted approximately 15 seconds before Hagar managed to rip the collar to shreds and the doctor suggested we needed to create a neck brace to prevent Hagar from plucking.

Utilizing various materials and designs we finally developed a softer and lighter foam brace. We tried it on Hagar, and it worked.

The next thought was why not make this for other animals? Pets all around the world have had some type of surgery or irritated area that requires them to wear a brace, splint, cone, Victorian or e-collar. We tested "NBT®" on our dogs and several friends birds, cats and dogs, and everyone is satisfied with the results, including the pets! The brace completely met the owner and pets needs. We gave 1000's of samples to veterinarians, who were amazed and very satisfied, especially with the ease of use and the animal's less negative reaction to the brace. Dr. Blonien and his staff highly recommend our product and use them in their practice. 1000's have been sold world-wide!

How long did it take to bring your idea to market?

A few months to bring to market and I am still trying to get the product out to the masses (money for advertising is the biggest set back)

What makes your product unique?

This product can be used for a neck and/or torso brace.

Great for rehab animals (the brace floats)

Used as a IV splint and or splint

Groomers can use it to keep the neck still, allowing the groomer to trim nails

I had a company in Australia buy Neck’s Best Thing to put around the sheep’s Neck to prevent the Coyotes from attacking their necks.

Are you planning any enhancements/improvements to the product?

I would think there is always room for enhancements/ improvements

What is your professional background? Did that line of work or education help you in developing this product?

I am a Telecom Engineer by profession.

What type of pets do you own?

I own 6 dogs. 1 American Farm Collie named Richland, found on the side of the highway at the Richland exit. 3 Afghans, named Bella and Tia. I just got the 3rd this weekend and my husband and I can’t agree on a name. 1 Labradoodle named Teddy (from Frisco rescue) 1 Great Pyrenees’ from Pyrenees rescue named Nikki

Is there anything else you'd like readers to know about you or your product?

I created this product for the love of my bird Hagar and was creative enough to realize that Neck’s Best Thing fills more than one need.