ThermoPet Dog Thermometer

ThermoPet Dog Thermometer that delivers accurate results immediately – without touching your pet!

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ThermoPet Non-Contact Thermometer with talking results. This device delivers accurate results immediately  without touching your pets!

Like humans, dogs can also suffer from fever. In fact, a fever is often considered the first indicator for most diseases affecting dogs. If the fever is undetected, and left untreated, it can lead to serious health consequences.

Some people have tried to use the human ear thermometers on their dogs, but they will not produce reliable readings, due to the way they are calibrated and the different shapes of the ear canal of a dog. Ear thermometers for dogs are invasive and difficult to use at best  and very expensive at worst. The only conventional way to assess fever in a dog has been by using a rectal thermometer. But this invasive procedure usually takes two people  one to restrain the pet, and the other to insert and hold the thermometer in place long enough to obtain an accurate reading. This has all changed with the introduction of the ThermoPet Non-Contact Thermometer for Dogs!

This device provides you with a non-invasive way to take your dog's temperature  quickly and accurately  without laying a hand on your pet! Ease of Use...Peace of Mind...