Spotless Paw

Spotless Paw® cleans dirty dog paws instantly, before mud and water are tracked across your home or in the car. Made with microfiber fabric, this six-fingered glove can be worn on either hand AND on either side. Conveniently hangs on the door handle. Machine washable dog grooming products.

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Spotless Paw® Dog Paw Cleaning Glove solves the common problem of wet, dirty dog paws. The glove is one of the most practical products in the pet market.

The six-fingered Spotless Paw® glove is worn by the pet owner, and thoroughly cleans and dries dirty pet paws before they track mud, water, road salt and dirt into the home and car or soil your clothing.

Spotless Paw® made with microfiber fabric and is therefore extremely absorbent. The microfiber absorbs over 600% of its weight in dirt, mud and water! The glove is machine washable and dryable.

This unique six-fingered glove is designed for use with either the right or left hand AND either side can be used, doubling the cleaning surface area. The glove is equipped with a convenient loop and buckle. Hang Spotless Paw® on your doorknob, attach it to your belt and stash one in your car.

Spotless Paw is the proud recipient of the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) Best New Product Award and the PET AGE “Retailer Select®” Award for Product Excellence.