Dog House Air Conditioner & Heater - CR-2550

CR-2550 Climate Right Mini Dog House Air Conditioner & Heater System is great for a year-round heated dog house and air conditioned dog house that provides your dog year round comfort and safety.

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This is the new model: CR-2550 Climate Right Mini
Major changes/improvements from previous model:

* New features:

- New Remote Control

- New AUTO mode - cool to heat automatically!

- New SMART control panel programming reverts to user settings even after power outage!

- Heavier Duty construction for maximum portability and lifespan

This revolutionary 2500 BTU Climate Right Mini CR-2550 Air Conditioner & Heater unit is amazingly energy efficient and safe! (Dog House Not Included)

CR-7000 Max for larger space needs - If your looking for an air conditoner and heater more suitable for outdoor enclosures 350-1,200 cubic feet such as work sheds, outdoor buildings, job site trailers, and many other temporary and permanent installations than you will want the CR-7000 Max unit.

Features: 2500 BTU Climate Right Mini
• For use in any climate.
• Simply set it & forget it.
• Works with any dog house.
• Ideal for Small Spaces, outdoor pet houses, tear drop trailers, small outdoor sheds, boat cabins, misc. small outdoor enclosures, small indoor rooms
• Indoor/Outdoor Use
• Heats OR Cools
• Lightweight
• Safe, Eco-friendly
• Advanced Programming
• Digital Display and Controls
• Energy Efficient - Low Cost to Operate
• Hitachi Technology
• Dehumidifies
• Can Sit Outdoors
• 1 year Warranty

A generator is not required as the dog house air conditioner & heater runs off a normal wall socket.

A generator can be used, however, in the absence of normal power.
Here is what you would need should you require a generator.
Generator requirements:
Startup power needed 800W. Minimum generator 1000W.

Keep your dog cool, safe and comfortable with the Dog House Air Conditioner / Heater

Other Applications:
The limits are boundless for usage including any small space conceivable such as outdoor dog houses, tents, attics, small work spaces like job site trailers, garden sheds, garages, tear drop trailers, boat cabins, temporary outdoor small military installations, toll booths, and parking attendant houses.

Use our Climate Right Air Conditioner & Heater System for a year-round heated dog house and air conditioned dog house. Additionally, the built-in dehumidifier function is an added benefit to discourage mildew and mold inside your pet's home!

Light weight, climate control system for your pet house. With 1800 BTU heating and 2500BTU cooling capacity, the system adjusts automatically to maintain a constant comfortable range of temperatures both as a dog house heater for winter and dog house air conditioner for summer, while also providing additional functionality as a de-humidifier lowering humidity levels 40%.

Unique one-of-a-kind a/c and heater for small outdoor enclosures 5 - 350 cubic feet. Measure and multiply L' x W' x H' of your enclosure. This unit heats or cools the tiniest spaces very gently and evenly. Designed specially for dog houses, tear drop trailers, small tents, and whatever other uses you can think of! 2-hose air intake/outflow system. Accessory kit included for everything needed for hookup. Runs on 115v standard electric. Low energy consumption and quiet! Easily programmed by setting unit for heating or cooling mode, or simply on automatic mode. Then set your desired temperature and fan speed on our digital display. That ¡s it! Get the Climate Right for your small outdoor enclosure today!

• Climate Right will heat, cool and adjust humidity conditions within very small indoor or outdoor enclosures. Results may vary based on size and of enclosure and ambient room and outdoor temperatures.

• For outdoor pets, note that a suitable temperature for inside dog and cat houses in the cold is 38-55 degrees F. During hot months, 68-80 degrees F.

• It may take up to 48 hours for Climate Right to reach the comfort zone. Important: Do not overheat or overcool your pet space. It is not healthy for your pet.

• Please insure to follow the priming directions before operation.

• Please allow Climate Right to run continuously for 48 hours. It may take this long to properly acclimatize certain large or extremely hot or cold spaces based on the gentle nature of the rate of change in air temperature (by design).

Color: Off White
Cooling Capacity: 2500 BTU
Heating Capacity: 1800 BTU
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Compressor: Hitachi
Electronic Features: Digitial Control panel for settings and thermostat controls
Assembly Kit/Hoses Included
Unit Dimensions: 18”L x 14”W x 14”H
Case Dimensions: 24”L x 17.1”W x 16.1”H
Weight: 44 lbs unit/ 54 lbs case
Power Supply: 115v/1hp/60Hz, Current: 4.4 a. Input power is 0.50kW for heat / 0.3KW for A/C
Air Filter: Nylon Net
Room Coverage: 5 cubic feet to 350 cubic feet (L' x W' x H')
Results vary based on ambient temperature, insulation, size of enclosure and humidity

*Keep your Climate Right™ protected from extreme hot direct sun. Results very widely depending on ambient air temperature, size of enclosure and insulation. The Climate Right™ is intended for temperatures are between 5 degrees fahrenheit and 109 degrees fahrenheit.

Download/View the Following:

Assembly and Instruction Manual/HVAC FAQ's /

Specifications and Requirements

One-Year Limited Warranty